General Education

G134 Private Music Lessons — 1 hour per semester/maximum 6 credits in combination with those of G135. Applied music is offered to anyone who wants to improve his/her skills in piano or vocal studies.

G135 Vocal Music — 1 hour per semester/maximum 6 credits in combination with those of G134. Selected singers will explore different forms of choral music. The group will perform several times during the semester.

G181 Personal Finance - 3 hours. This course will center on the basic concepts of personal financial planning. Specifics of budgeting, financing a home, investments, spending priorities, and coordination of financial planning will be presented.

G191 Media Technology Lab - 2 hours. This lab provides an opportunity to develop a vision for communicating the biblical gospel through electronic media, and to develop hands-on experience with a variety of media tools. A central component of this lab is television production. Students will have opportunity to learn and practice camera techniques, editing, sound, and lighting. Each student will select one multimedia project to work on and complete during the semester.


G261 Introduction to Biblical Languages — 2 hours. A study of the essentials of Greek forms, syntax, and vocabulary to enable the student to read the New Testament in the original language.

G262 Greek II — 2 hours (Prerequisite G261). Retention and development of basic grammatical concepts is provided by weekly exercises in translation, vocabulary drill, grammatical analysis, and use of reference works. Materials are examined in terms of their place in exegetical practice. Greek selections are mainly from the Gospel of John.

G271 Church History I — 3 hours. A survey of the history of the Christian church in the west — its important individuals, movements, events, and trends — from the apostolic age to the present.

G272 Church History II - 2 hours. A brief survey of the development of dissenters from the Radical Reformation, focusing on the emergence of the Church of God out of the Adventist/Millerite movement, following down to the recent developments in the twentieth-century.


G311 Medical Intensive — 2 hours. This course is to review basic first aid and CPR for the potential missionary. It will incorporate local training and adjunct instructors to review essentials of health care while in another country. It is part of the Missions Track.