M112 Introduction to Ministry/Leadership - 2 hours. John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership!" This class will introduce the student to what Maxwell calls the "irrefutable laws of leadership." The student will be challenged to grow as a leader and challenged to understand that ministry should take place in whatever vocation they choose to follow.

M121 Christian Education: Principles and Practice - 2 hours. A theology of education. The learning process, learning patterns, methods and materials, and practice teaching in a brief consideration of the overall educational program of the local church.

M135 Gospel Teams — 1 hour per semester/maximum 6 credits in combination with those of G134 & G135. Gospel Teams are formed to give every student who is interested the opportunity to share his/her talent in a variety of worship and social experiences. When the resources are available, instrumental ensembles are formed to provide opportunity for growth.

M141 Principles of Church Growth, Evangelism, and Disciple-Making - 2 hours. This course provides an examination of the strategy and methods of the local church in providing a coordinated program of outreach and edification. There is emphasis on directing the focus of the local church toward evangelism as a specific planned activity. The techniques and benefits of disciple-making are reviewed.

M150 Introduction to Worship and Music — 2 hours. What do we mean by "Christian worship"? This introduction to worship will seek to answer this question and seek to enhance the personal worship experience of the believer, whose responsibility it is to worship. The importance of music in worship will be emphasized.


M214 Christian Ethics - 2 hours. A study of the biblical principles underlying Christian conduct, morality, spirituality, and devotional life.

M242 Introduction to Evangelism and Missions - 2 hours. The principles of evangelism and their application to the local church. Also a study of how missions can be popularized and understood. Methods of involving a congregation so that missions will become meaningful and an ongoing activity in the life and ministry of the church.

M250 Worship for Special Occasions - 2 hours.

M262 Practical Youth Ministry - 2 hours. This course is designed to give students an understanding of youth ministry, lead students through organizing a youth ministry calendar, and help students gain experience in youth ministry.

M271 Christian Education and the Family - 2 hours.

M272 Leadership Development - 2 hours. Bill Hybels says, "The local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders." This class will address key issues in church leadership and an understanding of a leader's limits.

M281 Missions Perspectives - 2 hours. This course is based on the study guide "Worldwide Perspectives." It is a 15 lesson course on Biblical and Historical Realities, Strategic Realities, and Cultural Realities. This course is part of the Mission Track.

M283 Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry - 2 hours. Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry aims to build a solid, Biblical, balanced foundation for reaching and discipling students year after year. You will be challenged to consider God's purposes for Christians, particularly in youth ministry.


M361 Homiletics - 3 hours. Fundamentals of communication through preaching. The course includes basic theology of communicating the gospel, principles of sermon structure, preaching in the context of Christian worship, and laboratory experience.

M362 New Testament Preaching - 3 hours. Principles of the expositional approach to preaching with attention to exegesis of text. Sermon texts are selected, by student and instructor, as a sermon series from a single book preached in a laboratory experience.

M381 Principles of Counseling I - 3 hours. Designed to provide a basis for: developing a good understanding of people, particularly a biblical view of man; governing assumptions which affect one’s model of counseling; personal evaluation in examining one’s own life, style of relating, and how one can bring about lasting change.

M382 Family Systems and Dysfunctionality - 2 hours. A course designed to acquaint the student with abnormal, dependent and rebellious personalities, and their ensuing results on families. Spiritual implications for ministry will be explored and integrated.

M383 Marriage and Family - 3 hours. Understanding and resolving sources of conflict in the family. Developing a positive biblical outlook on family relationships and setting goals for a spiritual heritage. A study of the biblical principles regarding husband and wife roles, and parent and child relationships, within the home. Understanding the family’s role in society.

M384 Small Group Ministry - 2 hours. A study of the practical applications of small group dynamics in the life of the church, and their implications for ministry and evangelism. A consideration of spiritual giftedness and networking.


M443 Church Planting — 2 hours. (Prerequisite M141). The training of students in church-planting techniques with emphasis on principles for the development of the church and evaluation of the location of the church as to its growth potential. The principles also apply to an established church.

M463 Old Testament Preaching Preaching - 2 hours. Building upon M362, the course utilizes selected Old Testament passages that are illuminated and emphasized in the New Testament. The passages expose the covenants and promises of the Old Testament. A laboratory experience.

M464 Pastoral Preaching - 2 hours. This final preaching course makes use of the topical approach and gives experience for special occasions such as funerals, weddings, and revivals. A laboratory experience.

M473 Pastoral Leadership and Administration - 2 hours. A study of the leadership style and methods of the pastor in the local church. Consideration is given to the customary administrative duties of the pastor, as well as general leadership skills.

M474 Pastoral Procedures - 2 hours. Considers the customary practical skills for the minister: i.e. performing weddings, funerals, and baptisms; when conducting meetings and when in social situations; also other miscellaneous topics.

Additional opportunities:

Additional Electives will be added when possible.

Directed Study — 1-6 hours. Investigative study on selected problems by students with particular needs.

Selected Topic — 1-3 hours. A study of a topic and/or issue not adequately covered in another course.